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Leo en Irina Esterkin’s collection is impressive, and provides a beautiful example of what Daum produced between 1910 and 1940. Everything is here: the transitional years from art nouveau to art deco, as well as Daum’s search for a new style, which culminated in deeply etched vases with geometric decoration and in the later years with the blown vases in crystal. The Esterkin collection is unique in the world thanks to its completeness and the fact that it contains many rare pieces.

The author Tiny Esveld specialises in art from the French art nouveau and art deco periods, in particular objects from the Ecole de Nancy. She is an expert on the glass of Emile Gallé, Daum-Nancy and Charles Schneider, and has recently published two books on the subject.


It was with great pleasure that I received the invitation to document the Daum collection of Mr and Mrs Esterkin. What a fantastic collection. I was able to hold in my hand Daum vases the like of which can normally only be seen in a museum, to examine them from all angles and to photograph them.
The most beautiful examples from the art deco period are to be found here.

The collection is an illustration of Daum’s search for the ‘art deco’ line. From colourful jade glass to enamelled vases covered in geometric flowers; from vases skilfully cut by hand or deeply etched using acid to the later clear green and yellow glass with only one simple etched layer. All of these are examples of Daum’s experiments from the period between 1910 and 1940, and it is this completeness that makes the collection so unique. What is also remarkable is that many of these objects are in use; some form part of the interior as decorative objects, while others are used as fruit bowls or flower vases. It is evident that Mr and Mrs Esterkin have great affection for the vases of the art deco period and that they have furnished their home with much love, care and taste.

Hopefully this book will inspire more people to start collecting these beautiful objects.



Practical information:

Title: Daum Art Deco Glass
Authors: Tiny Esveld
Publisher: Mr Esterkin
Size 24 cm x 30 cm, 248 pages
Order from the website only www.tinyesveld.com/buy-book/

The book is also available in the Russian language.

Стекло Daum эпохи ар-деко

Коллекция Леонида и Ирины Эстеркиных восхитительна. В ней представлены великолепные образцы изделий фабрики Daum, выпущенных в период с 1920-х по 1940-е годы. Здесь можно увидеть все: переходный период от ‘ар-нуво’ к ‘ар-деко’, поиски нового стиля Daum, кульминация которых совпала с производством ваз с геометрическим узором, нанесенных глубоким кислотным травлением, а в позднейшие годы – с выпуском ваз, выдутых из хрусталя. Коллекция господина Эстеркина является уникальной в мировом масштабе, благодаря своей полноте и тому обстоятельству, что в ней содержится множество редких предметов.

Автор книги Тини Эсвельд специализируется на предметах искусства периода французского ‘ар-нуво’ и ‘ар-деко’, и, прежде всего, предметов, относящихся к школе Нанси (École de Nancy). Она признанный эксперт по стеклу Эмиля Галле (Emile Galle), фирмы Даум-Нанси (Daum-Nancy) и Шарля Шнайдера (Charles Schneider) и недавно выпустила две книги на эти темы.

Tiny Esveld is an expert in antique glass and the owner of the gallery in Brasschaat (near Antwerp), which bears her name. The gallery specialises in French Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass and furniture from around 1900, with the accent on Gallé. Her previous book Glass made transparent (2010), is an instructive and practical handbook for lovers and collectors of the glass of Gallé, Daum and Schneider.

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